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    The Journey, by S B P Davis

    The most important thing is not that you have reached your destination; however, it is about how you came about this path that brought you to where you are now.

    You shall never be as you were before your quest began. You shall be unable to return to where you were.

    That is the secret mystery of any journey.

    You begin believing you know the reason behind why you began it; believing you knew where your destination was or you thought it was meant to be. With every step, you took you were, are altered. No matter what comes to pass remain true to yourself

    When you think you have remained in one place you will find you have been moved, for you have changed. When you think yourself lost you will find you have travelled through space and time and found yourself at home with one’s self. For your journey home shall not be as the journey here. Time to begin again

    Where ever you end up, is where you are meant to be. G-D doesn’t make mistakes. What may appear as random chance is the silent whisper of the Will of G-d

    G-D’s will is not done by word as much as it is done through action, revealed ultimately in who and what we are and will become.

    Trust in G-D, trust you are where you are meant to be, not by mistake. Yet by the purpose, as part of your ultimate journey. At this point you are where you need to be; when you except this, except that the circumstances that brought you to this time and place. Except yourself, except your perspective of your circumstances. Excepting where you are now in this very moment. By and through Your exceptance of yourself Excepting G-D and G-Ds love for you., Seeking to align yoyrselve with G-Ds will. You are then able to move on in life, or you are grounded to where you are at this point. However and wherever you go,wherever you find yourselve is where you need to be, not always where you want to be, for the time you are there. For the Time you are here. For our copral journey is a transitory state before we begin our true journey.
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