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Some Past Project  Noahide Nations Academy of Shem:

  1. Conducted over 1000 live Torah classes
  2. Conducted live Erev Shabbat and Noahide Shabbat Services and teaching

Noahide Nations Radio Show on Israel National Radio

  1. 150 plus talk radio shows
  2. Show was also carried by Radio Shalom 1650 in Montreal, Canada
  3. Interviews with many Jews, Noahides and entertainers.

Lobbied IRS for a Noahide specific tax status in 2007


Worked with IRS’ database management organization, NCCS Urban Institute


In 2008 Noahide Nations received notification that, through our efforts, the term Noahide was now going to be listed in the IRS’ NTEE Tax Code system as a subcategory of Judaism.


We will lobby the IRS again when the Noahide movement has grown large enough for the IRS to consider us a large enough religion to warrant its own category.

  1. Conducted two Noahide Nations World Conferences

    1. 2008 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

    2. 2011 – Dallas, TX.

    3. Have given two Noahide Nations Tzedeka Awards. 2008-Jon Voight, 2011-ZAKA International

    4. Gave one Noahide Lifetime Achievement Award (Noah Award) to Vendyl Jones, of blessed memory.

  2. Released first of its kind Noahide music cd.

    1. Joint effort by both Jews and Noahides with song submissions coming from both.

    2. Produced by Sam Glaser, who also contributed the song Nations of the World.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Noahide project.  Help support Noahide Nations' current and future projects HERE.





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