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Noahide Nations will be celebrating 10 years as a 501(c)3 organization. Noahide Nations has been the most active Noahide organization, during our first ten years, dedicated to bringing the Noahide Laws back to Mankind. This is truly a difficult but Holy journey for all of us but with your support of this journey we will all reach levels never seen before in our time. Listed below you will find some past projects as well as some of our currently active projects.


Donating to the Noahide Nations General Fund not only helps to support some of the projects listed below but also helps us pay our basic monthly expenses. This would include office rent, office supplies, monthly server and web hosting costs, computer hardware and software needs, Noahide conferences both regional and world events, professionals who provide us with a myriad of skills necessary to continue the running of Noahide Nations and, quite frankly, more than I can list here.


Some Currently Active Projects


  1. Yeshiva taught Noahide Laws CourseIn February of 2015 Noahide Nations was approached by Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim with the idea of creating a Noahide Laws coursed based on the sources that are used by mainstream Orthodox Judaism that have determined both Noahide and Jewish Halacha (law) for the past 2000 years.

In April of 2015 we launched our first class with 22 students. The material presented in the course was researched by a team of poskim (Judges); those findings went to an oversight committee made up of poskim and then finalized by the oversight committee and Director of the Yeshiva Program who is also a posek. This is what was taught to this first class of students.

There were 65 classes, 4 exams, and about 100 hours of class time. On May 17th, 2015 there will be a graduation ceremony for 17 graduates who succeeded in passing the course. There were also two Rabbis who passed the course.

In March of 2015 the second class of 32 students began the course and will graduate in 2016. There are also Rabbis in this class.

  1.  The Noahide Order (the Noahide Siddur) has been created and is currently at 237 pages. Upon completion Noahide Nations will be publishing the book for Noahide communities around the world. The Noahide Order was created out of the sources the poskim researched and some of the book will have blessing a prayers added by the alumni of the Noahide Laws Course.
  2.  Noahide Sources Book – Noahide Nations and Pirchei Shoshanim will author and publish a book with every source of Noahide material. These sources are only based on the Mesorah as has been done for the past 2000 plus years.
  3.  Noahide Nations’ “Soul Connection” singles site - A website for Noahides to communicate with other singles who are searching for their soulmate. In less than a year this site has produced three weddings, 2 engagements and one near engagement, at least that we are aware of. If you are a single Noahide we hope you will visit the Soul Connections site. You never know until you go!
  4.  Noahide Nations Nagid Clergy Project The first graduation class from the Yeshiva taught Noahide Laws Course have qualified to apply for the Nagid Program. Under Noahide Nations they will be, legally, be able to marry Noahides, have prison ministries, visit the sick in hospitals, conduct Noahide funerals, begin a chaplaincy program for roles in civilian life and the military, and more. For more info on the Nagid Program.
  5. Other ongoing projects are the Connections Newsletter, Noahide Nation Facebook discussion page, the Noahide Nations Business Facebook page, our Yahoo Group and much more.


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