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  Rabbi Yaakov Cohen

  Rabbi Yakov D. Cohen a Dayan/Jewish Judge, learned colleague whose scholarship and erudition has been well documented in the wider community. An independent thinker he has brought insights and originality to his work in the Noahide Code.

Rabbi Cohen is the Director of Noahide.org as well as the Institute for the Noahide Code a UN NGO based in New York, USA.  He is truly a man for all seasons blending the best in Rabbinic scholarship with humanity and morality, never allowing for a split between the two.
Rabbi Cohen has written a multitude of Torah related articles including many for Aish Ha Torah.

Additionally, Rabbi Cohen is the Judaic Studies Principal of Akiba Schechter Jewish Day School and Educational Director at NCSY.

Most recently Rabbi Cohen worked on a compilation of the Rebbe's works for Noahide practice and a book titled Divine Image. He has met with the President and other world leaders advancing the Noahide Laws; he is an experienced lecturer and author.

Rabbi Cohen is a passionate educator and an inspiring speaker who has travelled throughout the country speaking for organizations, schools, synagogues and universities on a variety of topics and to audiences of various sizes and affiliations. Rabbi Cohen is a community leader and is actively involved with several local organizations and synagogues.

Rabbi Cohen relishes the questions of both the "perplexed" and the "not-so-perplexed" of all backgrounds and ages, Jewish - and non-Jewish which makes him an excellent resource on the Rabbinic Advisory Board. Education

Bachelors in Psychology – Yeshiva University
Masters in Education and Administration - Yeshiva University.  

Rabbinic Ordination - Yeshiva University.



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