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   Rabbi Reuven Glucksman

   Rabbi Glucksman has been with Talmudic University for over 10 years and has held a variety of positions since his graduation   from Talmudic University.  As a Talmudic Scholar he is very well versed in halacha for both Jews and Noahides.  As an instructor he administered a special program for students having trouble in main stream yeshivahs, taught students daily hashakafah, halacha and navi, and worked with students one-on-one to help with life skills.  As a talmudic instructor he also taught beginners and intermediate Gemara classes as well as recruited, taught, and provided supplementary tutoring to the students in the class. Rabbi Glucksman has taken the Noahide Laws & Life Cycle Course and worked very closely with the author/director of the program throughout the course and still reaches out to him from time to time.  He excelled in the course so much and recognizes the importance of this information being diseminated to all of Mankind that he is now teaching the Noahide Laws & Life Cycle Course for the Talmudic University. Education Masters in Religious Education
Talmudic University of Florida, Miami Beach December 2013

Bachelor of Arts in Talmudic Law
Talmudic University of Florida, Miami Beach June 2008

Rabbinical Ordination
Specialization in Yorah Deah - Kashrus from Rabbi Yochanan Zweig
Talmudic University of Florida, Miami Beach June 2014



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