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                                     Noahide Nations is proud to be a supporter of the ZAKA International.  They are one of the elite search and rescue
organizations in the world. Maintaining the best equipment, best training and a desire to preserve life, this is what makes them one of the best first responders to all types of disasters.  Because of their tremendous humanitarian efforts Noahide Nations recognized ZAKA by awarding them with our Tzedakah Award at our 2011 Noahide World Conference.  We hope you will help us to help them by DONATING HERE.

True virtue (Chesed Shel Emet) – this is the highly visible and emotionally distressing work for which ZAKA is best known. The ultimate act of loving kindness and altruism (performing a deed for which the recipient cannot express gratitude), true virtue is the very hallmark and foundation of ZAKA.

The ZAKA volunteers are professionally trained in all aspects of their work related to identification of the deceased, preserving the honour of the dead and ensuring a full and proper Jewish burial. ZAKA is the only organisation authorized by the Israel Police to handle any and every incident of sudden death, be it traffic accidents, murder, suicide, terror attacks, mass casualty incidents or natural disasters.

ZAKA volunteers attend professional training courses given in conjunction with the Israel Police and their Forensics Department, studying everything related to identifying the deceased: fingerprints; DNA testing; dental testing; forensics and Jewish law.

ZAKA volunteers learn and practice body identification in accordance with the latest professional verification techniques and Jewish law. In the course of their work, the volunteers use the most advanced equipment in order to identify the bodies and body parts beyond any doubt, thereby avoiding any halachic uncertainty and unnecessary distress.

By virtue of their unique experience, ZAKA volunteers also operate in similar circumstances outside of Israel, helping Jews or Israelis wherever they may be caught up in natural disasters or mass casualty incidents.

Wherever the crisis, whenever the need, ZAKA is always there. From the tsunami to Mumbai, from Istanbul to Taba, the UN-recognized international humanitarian organization sends volunteers and paramedics to terror and mass casualty incidents around the world.

Missing Persons Unit

Thanks to the special structure and deployment of the units, hundreds of ZAKA volunteers for missing person searches can be called up and deployed in a short space of time and in high concentration of numbers – trained volunteers who carry all the necessary equipment for a missing person search.

Joint ZAKA-IDF Home Front Unit

In this unit, which was formed as a result of lessons learned from the Second Lebanon War, certified ZAKA rescuers who have undergone specialist training from the IDF's Home Front Command, work in conjunction with the Home Front Command in mass casualty disasters and home front incidents that require a large number of professional rescuers.



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