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A Brief History of the World

by Jacob Scharff

When humans first came into existence in this universe, they were taught why they were created and how to live. This information was known as the Torah, which in Hebrew means "Instruction" or "Teaching.

"These first humans were known as Adam and Chawwa ("Eve"). They taught this Torah to their children, their children taught it to their children, and humanity worked towards fulfilling its purpose in the universe. Every person alive knew the One God and His Torah, and humanity was united as one people with a singular purpose.

Every person alive today descends from these first human beings. However, looking around at our world, we see quite a different picture. There are thousands of varying religions which teach vastly different ideologies. Wars are constantly raging all across the face of the globe, and humanity is being torn apart by bigotry and pointless hatred.

It's hard to imagine how the world could possibly have gone from one united people with one God and one purpose to the state it's in today.

How did this occur?

Fortunately, we are not left in the dark about this. How the world came to be as we know it today is clearly documented in the Torah.



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