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Mishneh Torah - Maimonides compiled the first complete statement of all Torah law from the Talmud, Midrashim, and other texts. It a monumental work, yet not without its flaws. Notably, Maimonides rarely quoted his sources or explained his rationales. Torah scholars have spent centuries reconstructing his reasoning and method for understanding the Torah. Of course, this may be exactly what Maimonides wanted. Although the halacha, actual law, does not always follow Maimonides, his writings are essential for both Jews and Noahides desiring to know God’s expectations of them.


  • 1: Yesodei HaTorah – Foundatons of the Torah (Moznaim Item# 963669-1) – The foundations of Torah belief.
  • 2: Hilchos Deos - Attributes (Moznaim Item# 963669-2) – Human traits and qualities.
  • 3: Avodas Kokhavim – Idolatry & Idolaters (Moznaim Item# 963669-3) – Laws of idolatry & idolaters.
  • 4: Laws of Teshuvah (Moznaim Item# 963669-4) – Principles of repentance.
  • 26: Sefer Nezikin – Monetary Laws (Moznaim Item# 963669-26) – Monetary and civil law.
  • 29: Sefer Shoftim – Kings & Judges (Moznaim Item# 963669-29) – includes Maimnonides’s writings on the Noahide Laws.


Noahide Laws




Faith, Belief, and Thought

  • The Way of God by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Feldheim Item# 141 – Note that there are full sized and compact editions available) – Classic exposition on the fundamentals of Torah thought and belief.
  • The Handbook of Jewish Thought, Vol. 1 & 2 (Moznaim Item# 505075-1 & 505075-2) – Excellent compendia of the basics of Torah belief. Though geared toward Jews, it contains much material relevant to Noahides as
  • The Universal Garden of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush
  • Restore My Soul (Moznaim Item# 58620) – Rav Nachaman of Breslov’s writings on repentance translated by Rabbi Aryeh
  • Outpouring of the Soul (Moznaim Item# 61578) – Rav Nachaman of Breslov’s writings on prayer translated by Rabbi Aryeh
  • Our Amazing World (Artscroll Item# WOWH) – Seeing God’s wonders in the world around
  • Our Wondrous World (Artscroll Item# AMAH) – Sequel to Our Amazing World