Chesed appears in the Torah to communicate God's kindness and love toward humanity as well as human kindness and love toward each other. Chesed emerges as one of the essential ways humans engage with God to sustain creation. For example, in the story of Sodom and Gemorrah (Genesis 18:17), the 15th century Italian commentator, Seforno, notes that the reason that God decides to engage with Abraham in discussion is based on the chesed that Abraham showed to the angels who visited him just prior to this in the text (Genesis 18:2). 'Project Chesed' is a number of projects that Noahide Nations is involved with and are contained in the list below. These are projects we need your help with.  We hope you will consider joining us. 

For those who donate $150 or more we would like to say thank you by planting a tree in Israel, in your name.  You may also have it dedicated to anyone you like. You will receive a certificate honoring whomever you decide to name.  Go HERE to support one or all of our projects.


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