Humor For The Soul

New Jewlarious Articles
  1. In Canada, Jews use heaters, in Florida, air conditioners, but at the core, it’s all the same.
  2. What influence has your father had on you and your values?
  3. I’m sorry that our nation’s problems will never end…
  4. Every shul has the guy who times the tekiya gedola shofar blast.
  5. Don’t stress when you fress, and don’t cheat when you eat.
  6. What’s wrong with fat-shaming?
  7. Who is going to be Israel’s next Prime Minister? We break down all of the options.
  8. The top Jewish news stories from around the world in 5779.
  9. What would you do if you won two million dollars?
  10. To Kvell a Mockingbird.


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