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    Ynet learns the submarine breached Israel's maritime border three months ago; Israeli military didn't elaborate on whether the country's security has been harmed in the incident
  2. צילום: AFP
    IAEA reports its inspectors found traces of uranium at a site the Islamic Republic did not declare to the agency, more than a year after Netanyahu revealed Iran's 'secret atomic warehouse' during an UNGA speech
  3. צילום: EPA
    New CBS report shows 10 of Israel's metropoles situated in center of country, where 44% of citizens live; Jerusalem keeps top spot as most populated city, with almost double the number of residents as second-largest Tel Aviv
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    The army says the 22-year-old from Al-Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, was killed after 'a large number of rioters' confronted the troops throwing rocks and wielding explosives; footage shows the victim waving a towel before being shot
  5. צילום: רויטרס
    Jordanian foreign minister's remarks come after the two agricultural sites in the Jordan Valley reverted to full sovereignty of the Hashemite kingdom after being leased by Israel since the 1994 peace agreement between the two countries


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