• Maturing Spirituality: Exhibits a disciplined spiritual life, maintaining healthy boundaries and being accountable for one’s work and actions, including participation in a program of personal spiritual enrichment and renewal.


  • Integrity and Authenticity: Demonstrates consistent behavior that is in alignment with the Torah for Noahide practices, beliefs, and has a healthy relationship with God.


  • Sound Theology: Understands, knows, teaches, and practices the Noahide Laws, and is receiving continued education on the Torah for Noahides.


  • Servant Leadership: Exhibits an ability to cultivate leadership from within the Noahide congregation and continually works towards making other qualified Nagid.


  • Relational: Exhibits the ability to listen, develop working teams, and manage conflict in a way that leads to healthy resolution.


  • Self Care: Maintains a healthy balance between self, family, and work and participates in the International Torah Fellowship for the betterment of Noahides around the world.


  • Connectional: Serves as a leader who knows and supports Noahide Nations and the International Torah Fellowship's philosophy and gives clear support for connectionalism and obedience to the Torah for Noahides.


  • Adaptability: Demonstrates the ability to be flexible regarding geographical location, congregational constituency, and worship styles.


  • Performance Standards: Exhibits a high level of work ethic and consistently produces quality results.


  • Creative Teaching: Demonstrates the ability to lead the congregation in gaining an ever increasing level of Torah knowledge in order to speak with others who are asking about Noahism.


  • Congregational Development: Demonstrates a willingness to lead the congregation in establishing effective programs to work within the local community.


  • Proclamation: Possesses and articulates a working knowledge of Noahide Torah and emuna faith; demonstrates the ability to communicate and apply this in culturally relevant ways to the diverse population that may exist within the congregation and local community.


  • Visioning and Implementation Skills: Demonstrates the ability to articulate the congregational vision plus the assessment and administrative ability to make the vision become reality.


  • Inspirational and Motivational Skills: Relates to others in a way that inspires and encourages them in their life of faith.


  • Administration: Demonstrates administrative, management, and supervisory skills.


  • Conflict Management: Demonstrates the ability to handle complaints, settle disputes and resolve conflicts.


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