In an effort to help increase the building of successful communities Noahide Nations has undertaken to create a Leadership program called the Nagid Program. This program is not meant to create leadership independent of the Rabbis or a group of scholars to replace the Rabbis, such an idea is ludicrous! We are not interested in creating a new religion. As it says:

They are not to be allowed to originate a new religion or create mitzvot for themselves based on their own decisions.
--Laws of Kings and Their Wars Chapter 10 Halachah 9

The leadership program is committed to teaching valuable techniques and skills, as well as giving the resources needed to effectively build, sustain, and grow new Noahide communities. This includes creating a titled position to allow leaders to conduct legal marriages, funerals, and outreach to institutions such as prisons as well as create an opportunity for Noahides in the United States Military to become chaplains. All of these activities are necessary and essential for the Noahide movement, in terms of Noahide Nations' community building, to grow and develop.

To be clear, by no means does Noahide Nations intend for the Leadership Program to be something that everyone must accept. The Leadership Program is unique to Noahide Nations and will be used to aide in Noahide Nations' community building projects. People are free to choose to what extent, if any, they desire to involve themselves in the leadership program. If other organizations wish to create their own leadership programs or do not wish to have a leadership program of any kind we respect those decisions. This program is about helping individuals develop techniques and skills and to have resources that will aide them in creating, developing, and growing Noahide communities.

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