Global Morality

We are all impacted by recent tragedies that have come through "natural" means such as the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean and

the Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. Other events have occurred including flooding in Europe and China, earthquakes in Iran, and of course hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Many are justifiably frightened "What will happen next? Will it occur to me and my family?" they ask. Significantly enough, prior to the well known Flood of Noah, which inundated the entire civilized world, there was a "smaller" flood, which destroyed one-third of the world at that time. This was an attempt by G-d to warn the people to change their ways before total destruction was necessary. The morality of our world has plummeted downwards at a catastrophic rate. Evil deeds have become legalized in some places. Internet brings the most twisted immoral behaviors into everyone’s home. G-d has sent numerous, severe warnings - but mankind has chosen to ignore Him. AIDS threatens to destroy at least one-fifth of the world’s population - yet it is treated merely as medical problem. We were told that New Orleans was the world's "second capital" for deviants. San Francisco is "ranked" as first - with its placement atop an active earthquake fault. We do not know G-d’s educational strategy for "getting our attention". Why are some places hit and not others? We do know what sort of behavior He requires and what sort He condemns. We are not prophets. We have not experienced any sort of "vision". Yet we do have ancient Jewish sources that are based on the Jewish people receiving the written Torah (Five Books of Moses) together with the Oral Torah (The Talmud) at Mt. Sinai 3,397 years ago. This is an event that has been accepted by humanity, Jews and non-Jews, throughout history. For non-Jews G-d requires strict adherence to the "SEVEN LAWS OF NOAH": 1. DO NOT WORSHIP IDOLS 2. DO NOT MURDER. 3. DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY OR INCEST. 4. DO NOT EAT THE LIMB FROM A LIVING ANIMAL. 5. DO NOT TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD IN VAIN 6. DO NOT STEAL. 7. ESTABLISH A COURT SYSTEM TO ENFORCE THESE LAWS. These laws are absolute and not subject to modification. A non-Jew who follows these laws can gain a heavenly portion and does not need to convert to Judaism. Jews have another set of 613 commandments and the laws pertaining to there observance. A Jew who realizes that he or she must now follow G-d’s instructions should seek out a local Orthodox rabbi to guide them. I am not telling anyone what to do. I am merely pointing out a course of action that will maximize the possibility of your survival in this world – and the next.



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