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Noahide Nations offers many opportunities for worship, study, fellowship, and more! The link below are only a sampling of what’s happening at Noahide Nations International today.  For more information on any of these opportunities to participate in our many events and goings-on, please contact us using the form to the right.
  • Academy of Shem – The webs premier source for live study and classes.  The Academy of Shem also broadcasts regular worship services and Torah study.


  • Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim Noahide Laws Program – The first Noahide Laws study program every created and taught by a traditional yeshiva (Torah seminary) is also the most thorough exploration of the Noahide laws that you could ever want.
  • Alumni Association – We offer a number of ongoing opportunities for education and participation for the Alumni of our Yeshiva program.
  • Soul Connection: Noahides Looking for Noahides – The first dating site established by and for the Noahide community.
  • Nagid Program – Noahide Nations seeks to provide Noahide communities with qualified leaders and teachers.  Our Nagid Program is a structured course of training and study for prospective Noahide community leaders and teachers.
  • International Torah Fellowship – Noahide Nations maintains a network of Noahide communities and groups worldwide.  We are always looking for affiliates willing to do the hard work of building, teaching, and growing awareness of the Holy Truth of the Torah.
  • Giving Opportunities – As a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, Noahide Nations is entirely dependent upon your generous support.  We offer a number of giving opportunities at many levels and every bit helps.


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