Al Chet 9

Exploring the Al Chet Prayer
Rabbi Shraga Simmons

9. For the mistakes we committed before You through inner thoughts.
The Talmud says that "Bad thoughts are (in one way) even worse than bad deeds." This is because from a spiritual perspective, "thoughts" represent a higher dimension of human activity. ("Thoughts" are rooted in the spiritual world; "deeds" are rooted in the physical world.) Ask yourself:
Did I think in a negative way about people, or wish bad upon them?
Did I fantasize about doing bad deeds?

 Al Chet # 9
44 Roots of Mistakes

by George Brock

The Sin:  For the Mistakes committed before You through inner thoughts.

  • The Talmud teaches- that bad thoughts are (in one's way) even worse than one's bad
  • The reason why is because; from a Spiritual perspective- “thoughts” represent a higher dimension  of human activity. (Thoughts are rooted in the Spiritual world- Deeds are rooted in the physical world).

The Battle:  Negative {vs.} Positive (thinking).
                  Fantasy   {vs.} Reality  (thinking}

The Cause:  When one leaves the Divine path- one is led into darkness; where no roads exist and there are no sign posts to point the way.

The Victory:  Comes when one realizes- self discipline can only be achieved when one recognizes one has a “good and evil inclination”.

  • The evil inclination causes one to become arrogant when one is successful and depressed when one is not.
  • The good inclination says- think, speak, and do the right thing.
  • Good thoughts come from an attitude of gratitude, self evaluation and T'shuvah.

The Goal:  Is to realize- illusions are not real, they only exist in one's mind, fight them in their world and they will disappear. Allow them to come into your world and they will become real.

  • Those who are guided by truth- will respond to the good inclination and reject the evil inclination .
  • Truth rejects the idea of- one being more than a man or that one is less than a man.
  • One should ask Hashem- to help him to rise above the level of “negative emotions” to the realm of the “intellect”.

“ When one remembers- Hashem operates the world with the principle of “a Turn for a Turn” (ATFAT). One will then judge all mankind favorably and remove the “inner negative thoughts” about others and  oneself, thus one avoids the suffering induced by ingratitude and negative thinking”.



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