Al Chet 3

by Rabbi Shraga Simmons

3. For the mistakes we committed before You without thinking (or without knowledge).
Every day, we should pray to God for the ability to think and reason. A clear mind is integral to our growth and development. If we're riding in a car and staring aimlessly out the window, then for those precious moments we are nothing more than zombies.

Ask yourself:
Do I carefully examine my society and surroundings, weighing out what is right and what is wrong?
Do I constantly review my major goals in life?
Do I strive for a constant awareness of the presence of God?
Is one of my goals in life to be a "thinking" individual?

Al Chet 3
The 44  Roots of Mistakes
by George Brock

3.   For the mistakes made without thinking....

  • Every day a Jew prays to G-d for the ability to think and reason.
  • The battle is between focus and too many minds.
  •  The cause is that one's thoughts need focus - the enemy of focus is too many minds.
  •  The victory  is when one becomes single-minded
  • One must live in the moment.
  • If one lives in the past one robs one's present.
  • If one lives in the future one is living an illusion.
  •  The goal is to prevent mistakes.
  •  It is easier to prevent mistakes than it is to correct mistakes.
  •  One must be shown one's weakness in order to understand one's strength.
  • One cannot defeat oneself, yet G-d judges one by one's potential.
  •  So one must face one's flaws (the ways of men), repent, and practice self discipline (the will of G-d).
  • G-d created instincts, and He created Torah as its antidote.
  •  If one would choose Torah (wisdom) over one's animal instincts one would overcome the mistakes made without thinking.




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