Al Chet 21

Exploring the Al Chet Prayer
Rabbi Shraga Simmons

21. For the mistakes we committed before You through bribery.
Bribery is most subversive because we are often not aware of how it affects our decisions. In the words of the Torah, bribery is "blinding."

Ask yourself:
Have I compromised my honesty and integrity because of money?
Have I compromised myself for the sake of honor and flattery?
Have I failed to do the right thing because I wanted approval?

Al Chet # 21
44 Roots of Mistakes
by George Brock

The Sin:  The Mistakes we committed before You through bribery.

The Battle:   Strength {vs} Force.

The Cause: 

The Victory:  Victory comes; when one knows how to overcome 'oneself'', which is an inward journey.

The Goal:  The goal is to become strong in Torah and T'shuvah, which will allow one to influence circumstances with the least amount of wasted energy and stress.

“ Realizing; everything comes from G-d for our ultimate good and everything has a purpose; will cause one to observe, interpret and implement what is needed for one's (Soul correction).

Which will give one the victory over bribery”.