Al Chet 14

Exploring the Al Chet Prayer
Rabbi Shraga Simmons

14. For the mistakes we committed before You by degrading parents and teachers.
Parents and teachers are our first authority figures in life, and by way of association they teach us how to be respectful toward God and His mitzvot. The breakdown of respect for parents and teachers corrodes the moral core of society.

Ask yourself:

Do I sometimes think poorly of my parents?
Do I ever actually communicate a dislike toward them?
Do I make the effort to appreciate how much my parents have done for me?
If I were a parent, what would I want from my children? Am I giving that now to my parents?
Do I give special attention to the needs of the elderly?

Have I maximized opportunities to learn from rabbis and teachers?
Have I actively sought the guidance and counsel of wise people?

Al Chet # 14
44 Roots of Mistakes

by George Brock

The Sin:  The Mistakes we committed before You by degrading parents and teachers.

The Battle:   Commitment {vs} Complacency.

                     Degrading {vs} Respectfulness.

The Cause:   Is when one will only do things, because someone else tells him he has to.

  • One has no commitment to the good of the family or the Yeshivah.
  • One has no regard for- how one's choice might affect others.

The Victory:   Victory starts when one realizes the responsibility one has- to be apart of a family or a group.  Then one must become committed to do one's part in that family or group with respect and honor.

The Goal:   The goal is to clarify responsibilities, needs, outcomes and procedures.

  • To make a choice to choose integrity, honesty, dependability and to keep one's

“Forward intent”- no matter what!

  • Let your parents and teachers know that you also- “have their backs”.

“ By changing one's attitude, one will then change one's thoughts, words and actions from a negative and degrading position to that of a positive and respectful one, changing your world and others too.