Al Chet 13

Exploring the Al Chet Prayer
Rabbi Shraga Simmons

13. For the mistakes we committed before You willfully and unintentionally.
Did I ever "act out" in a desire to demonstrate my independence from God?

Did I make mistakes out of carelessness? Could they have been avoided?

Al Chet # 13
44 Roots of Mistake
by George Brock

The Sin:  Mistakes we committed before You willfully and unintentionally.

  • Willfully- Did one act out in a desire to demonstrate one's independence from G-d?
  • Unintentionally- Did one make mistakes carelessly?

The Battle: 

  • Division {vs} Unity
  • Carelessness  {vs} Intentional.

The Cause:  The evil inclination says- close your eyes, let me see for the both of us. This is how the evil inclination pulls the world of darkness over one's eyes.

The Victory:  The victory over- (mistakes committed willfully) Comes when one observes that the result of contending with truth- always seem to end up in separation and division.

But, if one is obedient to truth- the result always seem to end up in the unity of God's oneness.

The victory over- (mistakes committed unintentionally) Comes when one realizes- (desires) causes one to confuse what one needs with what one desires.

The Goal:  The goal is to realize- evil leads one away from contentment, though it promises just the opposite through it's negative attitude and evil desires. Only through T'shuvah and obedience can one hope to overcome one's forbidden desires and negative attitude.

“ One must remember- One is not controlled by negative thoughts and desires, nor is one imprisoned by them. Instead- It takes a commitment to Truth and making a choice to change, and to live a life of purpose and obedience, which will result in True happiness”.

  • If one is not living one's life for a purpose, than one can not find happiness.
  • A commitment to change (means) making choices to grow and to live a life of purpose.
  • A clear purpose- creates positive energy, which drives out the negative attitude and evil mistakes committed before God. The strongest energy always prevails.

“Your choices create and define you. Your choices say- “This is who I am”, and this is what I am committed to  accomplish, (regardless of outside or inside forces).