You are 'On Air'

You Are ‘On Air’

(As it is summer vacation season in Australia this is a ‘micro blog’ – the second in the series of Fire, Air, Earth and Water).

He’s blowing hot air. An interesting expression. The Yiddish expression is Luftgesheft – a business lacking any substance - based on ‘air’. ‘It’s all up in the air’; ‘floating on air’; ‘nose in the air’; ‘out of thin air’; ‘walking on air’ – so many metaphoric nuances of something as intangible as air.Yet Air is one of the four basic personality traits in Kabbalistic teachings. Fire, Air, Earth and Water describe the basic four lements of the universe, tangibly and spiritually.

The dominant human expression of Air is through speech. Breath, impinging on the larynx and shaped by the lips, teeth, tongue, palate and throat, shapes the flow of air into intellible sounds. But the ulitmate ‘word-shaper’ is the soul. Words flowing though the Nefesh Behamit (ego self) become malicious gossip, lies, or flattery for personal gain. But flowing through the consciousness of the Nefesh Elokit (selfless soul) the air becomes a powerful means of connection, closeness, sharing, mentoring, counseling and more.

Words can contribute or deprive, give or take. There is no ‘neutral territory’. A compliment may raise self-esteem, improve, soothe and instruct. But the same words may be only masking as a compliment while the real intention is to take advantage, win over, disarm, or other ulterior motive. The difference lies in the Kavana – the value-call within the act of mindfulness. Is it arising from insecurity and therefore a ruse for protecting the ego, or do the words flow from Hessed (compassion) a wish to share of one’s giftedness and confer it on another?

Some people are Air dominated. They speak easily, even wax loquacious, speak publicly with ease and are good conversationalists. Others have a lower quantum of Air in their personality mix. They tend to be silent, non-communicative, or poor speakers or unclear either in meaning or diction. But they will inevitably possess compensating strengths in one of their other elemental personality traits of Fire, Water or Earth.

If Air is your strength, use it mindfully, allowing your unique soul to shared with others. Identify your elemental strength. If it’s Air always be aware that you are always ‘on air’.

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