Water Your Soul

Water Your Soul

(As it is summer vacation season in Australia this is a ‘micro blog’ – the fourth and final in the series of Fire, Air, Earth and Water). 

The most distinctive feature of life on earth is water. Water covers 70% of the earth’s surface. 70% of your body is water coursing through it.  Agricultural pursuits, sustaining humankind, are indulged with 70% of all available water.

If seven is the natural spiritual rhythm of life and zero is the state of nothingness that preceded creation, then another 70 appears on the spiritual landscape.

Of the four basic spiritual elements, Fire, Air, Earth and Water (see blogs 201, 202, and 203) Water is the primary motivator of human endeavor. In Kabbalistic teachings Water is the source of joy and happiness. No wonder that the spiritual element of Water and its physical analogue, are so profoundly embedded in the processes of creation, procreation, sustenance and maintenance, and pleasure.

A feature of water is its tendency to seep down to the lowest possible level. Teaching is like that. A good teacher is able to allow the information to seep deep into the psyche and consciousness of the student. A successful trainer will allow the practice to become so deeply embedded that it will become ‘second nature. A truly mindfulness-oriented human being will practice awareness and consciousness profoundly at all times and in all situations.  The end result of all these is inevitably – joy, pleasure, and happiness.

The basis of Jewish life is a handbook called the Torah. In the spiritual literature Torah is described as flowing down to the deepest levels of a person’s soul. It is akin to spiritual water. Therefore a person endowed with a dominance of Water in his/her soul type, will demonstrate characteristics of insight, joy and pleasure

Water can also be misdirected by our egoself (Nefesh Behamit) and transform into a quest for temporal sensual gratification, something that comes, goes, leaving in its wake a sense of emptiness and deprivation, inciting the next addictive fix. Or, it can be channeled through our altruistic-self (Nefesh Elokit) allowing profundity and meaning to provide the highest forms of true pleasure, which are long-lasting, growing in intensity, without diminishing or emptying.

If you are a Water person, then you will display a happy disposition, making people feel very comfortable around you, and possess a genuine quest for depth. 

But beware, today’s drinking water requires filtration and purification, as industrial waste together with ‘protective’ governmentally sanctioned chemical additives create a toxic brew. The same holds true of spiritual waters. The toxicity of instant gratification becomes addiction. Our spiritual Water, too, needs to be filtered.

Water your soul with purity.

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