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    I would like to share a bit about myself. I am a single male, poor due to life Cercumstances I live through and by an assited living benifit due to Mental Health( long complacated story enough said). However G-D sustains me, praise be to G-D. I live well enough, times get hard yet have found through my trust in G-D, all I need is provided. I live a pretty isolated life by two account's. One there is no other Noahides even remotly close to me added to this I live in a Christain domanited Society.; Two I am a S.S.A male, I withdrew from all couminty related to S.S.A.years ago.
    I have recived many mixed messages on the S.S.A aspect of life in regards to Noahide life and found many greatly misunderstand S.S.A males.Coprally I live independently and alone, better to Live and hold the commandments than to gain the whole world.
    My life is as well balanced as it can be, having excepted my life will be as a single male, there isnt to be that corporal one true love so to speak,which given that this the coporal life is the tempoary 3D reality; that the soul is eternal,Id rather care for the Soul given to me.
    I know as Fact our Lord G-D knows me wholy and completly exc3pts me for the who not the what.
    G-D is all excepting
    G-D of the universe
    G-D of the universe
    I live by and through the coveant given as I understand it. I place my Trust in G-D
    Knowing all things come from G-D for our greater good.
    I write about being S.S.A (same sex attracted) more to give hope to any one who are S.S.A, as suicide self harm isnt an option as this breaks the comandment given of murder.
    Know G-D does except you for who you are, your not barred from a life with G-D now or ever.

    Go with G-D; Be with G-D; Praise be to G-D for the life we are given.

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