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New Noahide Torah Program

"Until now, I have never had the privilege of seeing such a comprehensive, practical, and indisputably authoritative study of the entire corpus of Torah literature pertaining to the Noahide laws." - Rabbi Lazer Brody

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Rabbi Schneerson's Mission to a General to Spread the 7 Noahide Laws

Actor Jon Voight Stands with Israel

Jon Voight, the first receiver of the Noahide Nations' Tzedakah Award in 2008 for his work with Israel, talks today about why he stands for Israel


The Seven Noahide Laws for the Deaf

This is a silent video using sign language and subtitles to describe the Noahide laws for the hard of hearing. Whether you need sign language or not, this is an excellent video and especially benefits the deaf and hard of hearing.

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"For man is the tree of the field," quotes Deuteronomy (20:19). And if that is the case, how is he to be blessed?

There are numerous verses in the Torah and Scriptures where man either is connected to or compared to vegetation or trees.

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People are not uni-traited!

By now you must be scrunching your brow, either questioning your understanding of this term or wondering whether I would do well with checking Webster's Dicitionary before I commit a word to print.  Truth be told, this word is nothing more than my own made-up term, created as a means to bring attention to, and to emphasize the complexity of our human internal makeup. It is quite apparent that we do not possess only one trait. The character traits that define and describe us are probably as multiple as there are cells in any one body part. 

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In the last blog, we were discussing Jacob's reprimand of his three older sons, Reuben, Simon and Levi. Pointing to the most powerful qualities each possessed, Jacob had identified specific instances where these negative character traits manifested themselves. In the case of Reuben, it was his haste that was at the source of him moving his father's bed into his mother (Leah's) tent. And with regard to Simon and Levi, the negative qualities which Jacob focused on was their ongoing plotting and planning, where the resulting actions were problematic.

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 In the past few weeks, our class discussions centered on identifying character traits; not our own, that is.  When we look for these qualities in others, when we notice them, and acknowledge them, we are sending a message to those individuals that we value, honor and respect them. What a fabulous way to help propel another individual's sense of self and self esteem! And what a remarkable way for us to relate to others!

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Generally speaking, people determine [read: judge] who they will respect and who they will not respect. What do you think?

While I have not done a scientific study that will answer this question, my guess is that this statement carries with it a great deal of truth. The bigger question I have, though, is the "why" behind it. Why do people decide they will respect this individual and not the next one?

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The Golden Rule states: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Makes sense, right?!

I heard this adage while growing up and didn't give it much thought. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know its source. It was just an expression that I understood as being something positive. Come to think of it, I presume I attributed this axiom to a "teaching opportunity," societal mores and moral lessons. And as I said, it appeared [to me] to be something good from which society could benefit.

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Posted by on in Ancient Torah News

Everyone should by now be familiar with the infamous meeting between Shem [Malki Tzedek] and Abraham over the Temple Mount. 

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If I were an alien from another planet where respect was unheard of and I've never experienced implementing it or being the recipient of it, how would I know what it was? As the recipient, how would I know what to expect? And as the doer, how would I know what to do and how to put it into action?

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Posted by on in Ancient Torah News

Everyone is aware of Noah, his merit, and unfortunately his shortcomings. The Man Noach was an agent of God to bring the World into an everlasting Creation [Zohar]. His merit is that Torah essentially came from him [Midrash]. And his shortcomings were crucial in how the World would continue in his efforts; for better or worse.

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Did you ever notice that in a month's time, we may meet or be introduced to only X number of new people; in a year's time, the possibility of meeting Y number of new people may be the case; within ten years we probably will have amassed a large number of acquaintances in our world; and, in our individual lifetime, out of millions of people that surround us, chances are, we will meet and/or become acquainted with only a small population that can be described as 'a drop in the bucket' as compared to the vast populace out there in the world.  

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Rabbi Lazer Brody Speaking At Torah Day School in Dallas

Watch Rabbi Lazer Brody give a special talk in Dallas!

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