Sweet Bread
When exactly did challah turn into dessert?
13-01-2017 18:00
The Power of Gazing at the Stars
In a miff? Sometimes all you have to do is look up.
13-01-2017 18:00
Rabbi Marvin Heir’s Prayer at Inauguration of US President Donald J. Trump [video]
Rabbi Marvin Hier is the first Orthodox rabbi to deliver the invocation for a US presidential inauguration.
21-01-2017 11:15
10 Simple Tips for Making Jews Laugh
Don’t resort to Fiddlerization or Yentl-ication.
13-01-2017 18:00
Walking 5:30 in the Morning
You? Exercise? At 5:30 AM? This will last maybe three days.
13-01-2017 18:00
Londoners Try to Pronounce Jewish Words
See what happens when we asked members of the public in Camden Town, London to pronounce some long-winded Jewish words.
13-01-2017 18:00
Words and Marriage
What you say and how you say it make a huge difference, especially in marriage.
06-01-2017 18:00
Full Text: Inaugural Speech of US President Donald J. Trump [video]
"We are transferring power from Washington DC and giving it back to you, the people."
21-01-2017 12:38
Death, My Companion
The doctor told me I had a fatal disease, and at age 77 I realized Im actually going to die.
12-08-2011 19:00
Deadly Shooting in Tel Aviv
A shooting in Tel Aviv near the Azrieli Towers was criminal, and not terror-related. Two were killed.
21-01-2017 11:28
Appels Parsha Page Parshat Shmot
Moses at the Burning Bush
10-01-2000 18:00
10-Minute Parsha Series [video] Parshat Shmot
Every Saga Has A Beginning - Meeting Moses
26-12-2015 18:00
Why Vince Lombardi Was Wrong
Lessons from playing Foosball with my grandson.
13-01-2017 18:00
JTube: The Goldbergs: Seize the Day
Who was your favorite teacher and why?
13-01-2017 18:00
IDF Chief of Staff Released from Hospital
IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot will continue his recovery at home following surgery at Beilinson Hospital.
21-01-2017 12:19
A Life Lesson Parshat Shmot
Gratitude Has No Expiration Date
13-01-2006 18:00
How to Start a Diet
“The diet starts now.” This is belted out by my uncle after wolfing down a half a brisket, quiche, pie, strawberry shortcake and stuffing.
06-01-2017 18:00
"The two best days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."
Noahide Prayer
Read More +

Noahide Prayer

For Noahides, prayer is considered a mitzvah when performed in response to personal needs or circumstances.

Develop a Torah Personality
Read More +

Develop a Torah Personality

Help for perfecting your relationship with HaShem and yourself.

Listen To Noahide Yeshiva Class
Read More +

Listen To Noahide Yeshiva Class

Listen to the overview from a previous class from the Noahide Torah Study Yeshiva Course.

Torah Study From Yeshiva
Read More +

Torah Study From Yeshiva

Until now, I have never had the privilege of seeing such a comprehensive, practical, and indisputably authoritative study of the entire corpus of Torah literature pertaining to the Noahide laws.

Rabbi Lazer Brody

Ask a Posek (Judge)
Read More +

Ask a Posek (Judge)

When it comes to learning the Noahide halacha why go to a Rabbi who only has a smicha? Why not ask a Posek who is an expert in halacha.

After The Flood
Read More +

After The Flood

Ever wonder what happened when Noah and his family exited the Ark after the Flood?

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world".
"Tzedaka may not save us, but it makes us worth saving"
"The only thing necessary for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing."

Wisdom From Pirke Avot

Simon the Just…used to say,
“Upon three things the world stands:
On Torah, on (Divine) Service, and on Deeds of Lovingkindness.”
Pirke Avot 1:2

Ben Zoma said,
“Who is wise? The one who learns from all people…
“Who is mighty?  The one who subdues the evil inclination…
“Who is rich? The one who rejoices in his portion….
“Who is honored? The one who honors other human beings….”
Pirke Avot 4:1

The Most Important Part of Studying Torah

The most important element in validating interpretations of the written and oral Torah is the concept of Mesorah. Mesorah is the greatest proof to the authenticity of any concept, practice, or interpretation.

Although the seven Noahide laws have their origins in Adam and Noah, God chose to transmit and preserve them via Moses and the giving of the Torah at Sinai. This placed the Seven Mitzvos within the structure and system of Torah study and learning. Therefore, the seven Noahide laws must be interpreted and understood within the context of the Torah.

This point cannot be stressed enough: Jewish, and therefore Noahide, study and interpretation of the Torah is unique and unlike the study of any other religious texts.

More on the Mesorah

The Truth About the Ger


Don't ever be afraid of seeking truth or speaking the truth, as it says in

Proverbs 12:19...

Truthful lips will be established forever, But a lying tongue is only for a moment

Are Noahides Allowed to Pray?

For Noahides, prayer is considered a mitzvah when performed in response to personal needs or circumstances. If one experiences challenges for which he does not pray, his lack of response is tantamount to a denial of God as the sovereign ruler of all things and all events. When one does pray in such circumstances, it demonstrates reliance and belief in the Creator.

When a Noahide prays to give thanks or praise absent a personal need, he still receives reward for such prayer even though it is not of the same nature as prayer prompted by personal needs.

As with all personal prayers, there are no fixed texts for Noahide prayer. Since all Noahide prayer is essentially personal prayer, it is ideally expressed using sincere words from the heart.

For More on Noahide Prayer

Tools For Noahide Torah Study

The journey of Noahide Torah study is endless in depth and has no destination.  You will realize this when your very essence proclaims, "the more I learn, the less I know"!  Before you make this proclamation remember that it is a mitzvot for a Noahide to study the Noahide Laws and apply them in every aspect of their life.  After you make that proclamation you will realize and appreciate why it is a mitzvot for a Noahide to study the Noahide Laws and apply them. The study of Torah is what gives us our awe of the Creator.  The more we study the more awe we gain.

List of Tools Here


Do you know why more and more Christian & Messianic believers are turning to God?




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